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United States
Hola, I'm just a simple girl doing simple things. I don't post very often but when I do it'll most likely be art or some sort of story.
I'm not that great of an artist but I find it relaxing.

I'm a nice person, although a bit shy at first.

Some of my interests includes Left 4 Dead, Final Fantasy (mainly 8,9,10,13 although I enjoy all FFs), Legend of Zelda (mainly Oot, MM, WW and TP), Anime (Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, Digimon, Pokemon), and various other things.

I live in New England with my boyfriend of 5 years, although I'm a desert rat through and through.


Lingering Memories by LinaLeonheart
Lingering Memories
Alright this one takes some explaining. I was once in a really awesome FF/KH rp group (RIP you glorious group) and it had a very long interesting plot that was similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. Basically a bunch of FF/KH (and OCs) were brought into a world, some remembered their lives and others didn't. 

I rped Laguna Loire and a friend of mine galassiel rped as an OC. Well the two lived in the same town. Laguna not remembering his past (from Final Fantasy VIII) finds himself strangely attracted to this mysterious woman. Well my friend decided to PLAY with my feelings (and be evil) and drew a piece of art that took place after an interaction our characters had in the rain. I chose to color it awhile ago, I decided to upload it now.

You can find her original drawing here: Original piece  I did not draw this! I cleaned up her lines and colored it! 

Original lineart (c) :icongalassiel:
Raine Loire by LinaLeonheart
Raine Loire
Another old palette challenge piece, this time the request was Raine Loire from Final Fantasy 8. Perhaps not the set of colors I would have chosen for Raine but I still like how this turned out. Being limited to 4-5 colors was really hard, especially when you're used having a wide variety to choose from. I found the hardest thing was planning out which color would go where.
Hero Shade Link by LinaLeonheart
Hero Shade Link
In the true future of Ocarina of Time's Link (Link after Zelda sends him back to his original time) has a very tough future. It's canonical that the Hero's Shade that teaches you moves in Twilight Princess was once Ocarina of Time's hero. Well awhile ago a friend of mine showed me a palette challenge thing on tumblr and I decided to try it out. One of the requests I got was for adult Link. Initially I had started out with Adult OoT from the alternate future but he quickly changed into Hero Shade Link.

I wish I could find the template for the challenge so I could reference it here but I couldn't find the right one. 
Danny and the last Unicorn by LinaLeonheart
Danny and the last Unicorn
Say hello to Dan Avidan Danny face  riding on the unicorn from The Last Unicorn. Heavily inspired from his vocal cover of the main theme song: The Last Unicorn Theme Song

As a whole I'm really proud of this piece. I drew this with no pose reference (and to be honest it shows) but I did look at numerous pictures of Dan and the Unicorn. I'm really happy with how the Unicorn came out (Dan I am so sorry for your knee and leg. So so sorry.) and Dan's jew-fro is pretty awesome too. 

But yeah in the future if I happen to find a picture of someone riding on a horse that is similar to this pose I'll redraw poor Dan ahaha. 
Sailor Pluto by LinaLeonheart
Sailor Pluto
So this wonderful piece is drawn by me (marked with TB because those are the initials of my tumblr that this was drawn for). I drew it first by hand on printer paper, then scanned it, and then cleaned the image up. If anyone is interested I do have a version where the pencil-drawn copy is in the background of this version of the piece. Oh this is also transparent.

I am taking part of a 'Telephone' drawing game of sorts. Four people are picked and we all have to draw our version of whatever picture was chosen. As soon as the finished result (with the three other artists) is posted I will be sure to link it here in the description so you guys can see. The picture chosen was a lovely piece drawn by :icontoxicstarstudio: However I don't see the drawing on her page so perhaps she removed it or it was only a tumblr piece, I dunno. You can still see it right here though:…
I don't think I'm finished with this just yet. I'll most likely shade it to add some depth to it. Also I just now realized I forgot to redraw her bun on her head. Thats a Lot of Boo's 

Also if toxicstarstudio wishes for me to take this down then please just tell me and I will.


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